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ERW Pipes

DSC Pipes is one of the best manufacturers of ERW pipes in Chennai, India. (Electric Resistance Welding) ERW pipes are made up of elongated steel coil material which has to be welded longitudinally and allowing the electric fuse run along the tube. In DSC pipes we produce quality ERW pipes according to the Indian standard ISO 3183, we are known for the best supplier of ERW pipes in all over India. By having world class machinery and highly skilled labour, the output of the ERW pipe in best standard of all industries.

CS Seamless Pipes

DSC pipes are providing top quality (Carbon Steel) CS seamless pipes in Chennai, India. Before supplying CS Seamless pipes to the buyers, the pipes are undergoing various tests until it becomes unbreakable in all formats. This type of CS Seamless pipes is produced by heating the pipe near to molten state and allowing the steel rod inject into the pipe to form a hollow shape then made to run to compressing machinery to form a desire shape at perfect dimension. We run various standard tests on manufactured CS Seamless pipes and once it passed all tests then it allow for selling to the customers in all parts of India.

GI Pipes

We are known for the best distributor of (Galvanized Iron) GI pipes in Chennai, India. DSC pipes produced at various dimensions and thickness according to the customer needs. The main advantage GI pipes is weight less and easy to fit. GI Pipes is produced by dipping the zinc pipe into the iron molten ore to form standard (Galvanized Iron) GI Pipes. In DSC pipes, the manufacturing process of GI Pipes is fully automated and also run different types of durable tests until it reach the standards. DSC pipes is the top rated manufacturers, suppliers and exporters to all over Chennai, India.

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